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As Antonio Machado famously wrote, “Traveler, there is no road; you make your own path as you walk,” here, diner, there is no culinary road; you make your own culinary experience as you eat.


Iberian acorn-fed ham
Salmorejo cordobés con huevo de codorniz y jamón ibérico

Apulia burrata
Apulia burrata salad with eggplant and Amela tomato over a bed of fresh house-made pesto.
17,50 €
Sardina ahumada con mousse de aguacate o en vinagre con salmorejo
Sardines in a vermouth marinade
With salmorejo and Iberian bacon.
12,60 €
Seasonal tomato and tuna belly salad
Seasonal tomato, house-pickled red onion, tuna belly and Basque piparra peppers.
18,00 €
Squash blossoms
In tempura, filled with a mild cheese cream with hints of truffle and Manchego-style ratatouille.
14,00 €
Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea
Spring-caught, with “glass bread” and grated Raff tomato.
18,00 €
Micuit foie millefeuille
Slices of caramelized apple with micuit foie.
19,50 €
Char-broiled queen scallops
With carrot marinade and crispy mango.
22,50 €
Iberian ham croquettes
12,00 €
gorgonzola croquettes
Torreznos "Olmo"
Grilled vegetables
Cooked on a Josper grill with pine nuts and tomato spread.
17,20 €
Guetaria “Olmo” Green Bean Noodles
sautéed with acorn-fed Iberian ham and stock of its broth
12,60 €
Arroz a banda rice
With blue and red shrimp from Garrucha.
23,50 €
Homage to Las Batuecas
Omelet with tripe.
24,50 €


Caviar Baerii (30gr)
Oysters Gillardeau N° 2
Balfego bluefin tuna tartare caught in the traditional almadraba style
24,00 €
Balfego bluefin tuna trio caught in the traditional almadraba style
Bluefin tuna three ways.
24,50 €
“Olmo” fish fry
Cubes of hake, monkfish, and cod a la Romana with kimchi, soy sauce and a roasted garlic aioli.
23,00 €
Cod Olmo with pilpil and vizcaína
Josper jig squid
Line-caught hake
With a shrimp sauce.
25,40 €
Roasted cod
In stewed pig’s trotters.
22,20 €
Olmo-style cod
Confit cod loin a la Vizcaina and in a pil-pil sauce.
22,20 €
Wild sea bass Bilbaina style


Suckling lamb cannelloni
9,00 €/unidad
Oxtail medallion cannelloni
Boned oxtail, filled with foie on a bed of truffled mashed potatoes.
9,00 €/unidad
Rabo toro
9,00 €/unidad
Madrid-style tripe
18,50 €
Iberian pork jowl
Old-fashioned stewed Iberian pork jowl.
21,50 €
Duck magret a l’orange
Sautéed duck breast, red berries and orange sauce.
21,20 €
Black Angus skirt steak
Grilled and served with chimichurri and truffled mashed potatoes.
26,50 €
“Joselito” Iberian presa pork steak
Grilled, glazed with its own juices.
23,50 €
Secreto ibérico "Joselito" a la parrilla con pesto de avellana
Sirloin in Périgord
With a foie and mushroom sauce.
25,00 €
Suckling pig shoulder at low temperature finished with Josper
T-bone steak aged 45 days
Beef top loin roasted in a Josper oven.


Cheesecake with dulce de leche and strawberry carpaccio
Rice pudding
Caramelized in the Asturian style.
7,00 €
Creamy cheesecake
A classic.
8,50 €
Chocolate cake
Warm chocolate cake.
8,50 €
With house-made mascarpone.
8,50 €
Apple pie
Roasted apples in shortcrust pastry.
8,50 €
Tocino de cielo
Egg yolk and sugar flan with red berry jam.
7,00 €
Brioche torrija
With Amaretto toffee and ice cream.
8,50 €
Fresh fruit
7,50 €

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